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Letter from Mark Twain to Orion Clemens

BUF., (August?) 1870.

Mark Twain Orion Clemens

DEAR BRO.,—I find that your little memorandum book is going to be ever so much use to me, and will enable me to make quite a coherent narrative of the Plains journey instead of slurring it over and jumping 2,000 miles at a stride. The book I am writing will sell. In return for the use of the little memorandum book I shall take the greatest pleasure in forwarding to you the third $1,000 which the publisher of the forthcoming work sends me or the first $1,000, I am not particular—they will both be in the first quarterly statement of account from the publisher.

In great haste,
Yr Obliged Bro.

Love to Mollie. We are all getting along tolerably well.

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